Goodban, Henry

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Henry W. Goodban [1818-??] was the son of a composer and brother to two more. That seems to be roughly the sum of all knowledge known to the web or to the literature in my collection about him!

Gentle Annie, Fantasia for the Piano Forte MIDI   piano   salon  
Gentle Annie is a song written by Stephen Foster in 1856, and allegedly popular in the USA. It seems to have been dedicated to a cousin, Annie Evans, who had recently died. Few Victorian pieces end well!
Goodban's version is marked Allegro con Spirito, and consists of Foster's theme plus a set of variations. It goes much faster than the song, and is designed to show off, with lots of arpeggios and such-like. But it lies quite easily under the hands.
Sequenced mostly in 1999 from a copy in my collection.

Sequencing: Copyright © Andy Walker, 2020. You may use all my work freely for private purposes; commercial use is permitted only with my permission.

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