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Maurice Ravel [1875-1937] was, with Debussy, one of the great French composers of the early 20thC. He specialised in piano and orchestral music, often orchestrating his own pieces or those of others. He is perhaps best known for Bolero, famously danced on ice by Torvill and Dean.

Toccata (Le Tombeau de Couperin) MIDI   piano   classical   virtuoso  
Le Tombeau de Couperin is a set of six pieces composed from 1914-17 each dedicated to a close friend of Ravel who had died during the Great War. The Toccata is the sixth and last of the pieces, dedicated to Captain Joseph de Marliave. Marliave was a real person, a musicologist, who died on the 24th of August, 1914, so within three weeks of the start of the war. It seems to be a coincidence that he is an anagram of Ami Ravel.
Sequenced in 1996-98 and 2021 from the Dover edition of Ravel's works for solo piano.
Jeux d'eau MIDI   piano   virtuoso  
Jeux d'eau [literally water games but often translated as fountains] was published in 1901 and dedicated to Faure. It is marked Tres doux, and includes an inscription Dieu fluvial riant de l'eau qui le chatouille [River god laughs at the water which tickles him], a quote from Henri de Regnier.
Sequenced in 1996 from a library copy, revised in 2021, from the IMSLP version. I've left the pedalling from the earlier version; there are a lot of differences between editions.

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